The Way of Change, The Way of the Chosen

As I peer up at the gates of the dwarven fortress waiting for the foul Greenskins to move their siege towers in place for the attack. I hear someone scream at me from the gates, “Die, Evil Minions!!!!”

Evil…I chuckle to myself. Ages ago it seems, a lifetime almost I remember the  Empire Witch Hunters riding into my village as a young boy, killing my parents and loved ones. If it was not for the foresight of my mother to hide me in a shelter under our hut, I would of been carrion meat as well. Who are the evil ones? Who has set me down this course, as I peer down the path I traveled thus far….

An old witch found me and raised me, saying that I was special, that I was chosen by the great god of change.  The Raven God. The God Tzeentch. I did not know what she meant. When I was of age she sent me to train with the Warmasters of our master. Tchar’zaneck.

Then it was time for my first battle, armed with a shield and axe. I brought destruction upon my enemy. Though I was unsure of myself, I knew I was on a path I must follow.  With every battle came experience, with experience power.  In Thorshafn a small hamlet my first real battle occurred. Some of the Raven Gods Sorcerers called upon the warp to a greater being, a daemon of change but the fools summoned something much fouler.

As it appeared immense and full of hate this was no daemon of change, it was a murderous beast of Khorne, the God of Murder. Hatred in it’s eyes it peered not at me, but through me, right to my soul. In it’s gutteral voice it screamed, “BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!!”, and charged.  My shield blocked a claw rake from its monsterous paw. Meanwhile my battle brothers joined in the fray.  A crazy marauder jumped on its back to deal damage to the vile beast, as it’s throes to rid itself of the flea. I saw my chance to strike. With my axe I struck at the creatures throat. Spewing it’s life essence on the ground, the monster looks at me and in it’s dying and fetid breath whispers, “I know you, and will eat your soul.”  I make another final strike to end it, and say,” Not today demon…Not today.”

Afterward the sorcerors give me an award, a warp-imbued set of gauntlets. As I put them on I feel a power I have never felt before. These gauntlets whisper to me, and tell me my time of ascension is near.  

…..A boulder lands a mere few inches away from me thrown from a catapult on the Gates that we are about to break, shaking me from dreams of my past. Now here I stand a Warrior of Change. These forces of Order refuse to see that their unbending ways are over. I will make them see. I give the signal to let loose the siege engines, I draw my sword, and prepare to make the enemy see the errors of their way. For I am the Harbinger of Change, I have been Chosen, and thus begins the Age of Reckoning.


3 Responses to “The Way of Change, The Way of the Chosen”

  1. Hi Christopher – I like your work on a Chosen-specific blog and was wondering if you’re interested in working together with us. Please drop me a line by e-mail or on the contact form on our site and I’ll gladly provide you with further details of what I had in mind.

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