The Chosen – The Tanks of the Raven Host

What are the Chosen?  I got this from, a pretty nifty website.

  • Class Type: Tank
  • Appearance: Ornate plate armor adorned with the symbols of Tzeentch
  • Strengths: Close range combat, prolonged battles
  • Weaknesses: Ranged attacks


Tzeentch has his elite, and they are the Chosen. The Tzeentch elite, front-line brutes that strike fear into the heart of the enemy and turn the tide of battle in favor of the great god of change. These are formidable warriors and encountering one should never be taken lightly. Less experienced Chosen are identified by their rather plain appearance, a mix of chain and plate makes up their appearance. As Chosen advance they become less and less human and very much the demons of Tzeentch. Man and armor meld and become one as the mind turns to chaos and aligns with the will of change. The most experienced and terrifying Chosen twist and crackle with symbols, adornments, and icons of their god.

As Chosen grow closer to the god of change they use strength as well as cunning and guile to overtake their enemies at any cost. As Chosen work as Tzeentch would, with brutality and trickery hand in hand, they become favored of him and gain the dark powers promised to them if they obey him. If you find yourself on the receiving end of a Chosen attack you only have a few options. Few can stand toe-to-toe with these mammoths. Powerful and quick focused attacks from multiple allies centered on the Chosen may be your only hope. The Chosen are devastating in close range, and in prolonged battles their dark favor grows and they become more manipulative and terrifying. The Chosen will strive to destroy his victim at all costs, even at the cost of his own life. There will surely be a death when confronted with a Chosen.

The Chosen are the primary tanking class for the Chaos army. They are clad in steel and plate and can weather a large amount of damage before they fall. The Chosen are also manipulators of the dark arts of Tzeentch and powerful wielders of a large array of weaponry. A Chosen will be a powerful and important ally in the conquest to destroy the Empire.

Do not be mislead by appearances, for they are the first weapon of the Chosen.  Covered from head to toe in unholy armor, wielding massive weapons capable of rending enemies limb from limb, the Chosens are hulking figures of dread and terror on the battlefield – but woe to the enemy who dismisses them as simple brutes!  Tzeentch’s Chosen are cunning warriors who can bring forth a whisper of the Ruinous Powers into this world, dooming their enemies to a fate that is, perhaps, worse than a simple death. 


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