Chosen Abilities

As you level past 10, you get a point to spend in special abilities as Chosen you have 3 paths to choose from. Also the Path you choose also helps your normal abilities, like the Path of Dread helps an ability called the Tooth of Tzeenth.


The Path of Dread – This path deals with offense, and to help offensively

The Path of Corruption – This path helps you with defensive abilities.

The Path of Discord – This path has magical attacks, and disruption.

As I was leveling up, it seems to me one would want to concentrate on offensive attacks. So the Path of Dread would be the first tree I would move up through.

I deleted what I previously posted, because as Sunspot from has pointed out that I was wrong with my calculations. I will be going through this again in fuller detail, after I gain the correct knowledge. Thank for putting up with my noobishness 😉


5 Responses to “Chosen Abilities”

  1. Ah, the newbie mistake, the abilities in the tree won’t be gained by getting to a specific level in the tree. To gain an ability in the tree you need to buy the specific skill, you do so by clicking the skill and it costs you one point.
    By raising the level in the tree you will improve your path’s core abilities.
    (so by raising the level in the ‘Dread’ tree, you will increase the ability level of ‘Cleave’, ‘Dreadful Fear’, ‘Tooth Of Tzeentch’, ‘Dreadful Agony’, ‘Suppression’ and ‘Withering Blow’, but to get the skills in the tree, they have to be bought)

  2. So your saying may I may advance in the tree, but I still need to purchase the skill. So I may put 15 points in Dread, and don’t have to get any of the skills. Hmm thats not the feeling I got from the talent builder, because the level to get to my talent build is 40. Well I guess I will find out sooner or later. Open Beta begins today for Preview Weekenders. YEAH!!!

  3. You buy the ability by clicking the ability in the tree, ‘buying’ might not really be the right word, you spend one point at the ability to gain it, all abilities in the tree are optional.
    You will see that the ability gets outlined when you spend a point on it in the builder.

  4. AHhh I finally understand. Thanks Suns. I got brainwashed by WoW LoL. After open beta I will be revamping my abilities and go more indepth into something…AFTER i actually learn about it.

  5. favorited this one, man

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