Early Open Beta

I came really really close to calling in sick today for work. Preview weekenders get a chance to get into open beta earlier. I might be coming down with a cold though and may have to leave early….

Things I will be trying to test this Beta, is abilities, 2 hander vs sword and board leveling, and RvR. Trying to get some leveling tips together. So no worries come Monday I’ll have some for my loyal Chosen.

It’s almost time to bring Change upon the forces of Order.


4 Responses to “Early Open Beta”

  1. Open beta starts tomorrow right?

  2. Yes sir, it does

  3. Ok, I was wondering. When I try and fire up the client, it just drops me to the username and password screen. I’m thinking its either because the beta isn’t up or a sign that I need to replace my video card, or both perhaps.

  4. Hmm, warrior priest sounds like me.

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