Open Beta Goodness

Sorry to say a little busy this weekend, so I didn’t quite make my goal to reach level 10. I’ll get to some of my impressions of the level 1-5, and general impressions.

Levels 1-5 go very fast the spawn rates are nice and fast, sometimes a little too fast. I did try some things out. I got the Opportunist’s Claymore. Tried 2 hand dps for the beginning levels. I would say stick to sword and board for the added protection. Sometimes I would get jumped from the fast spawnage, and it cut it close once or twice.

Things to do, Rock out the PQ, as much as you can. Do not do the scenarios much, you are too low a level, and other players frown, on a level 2 coming and not adding a whole bunch to the scenario. I would say wait until 5 or higher. Get some gear and get some abilities first.

Overall I am happy with progression  8 hours about I’m level 9. I look forward to hitting 20 by the end of the week.

Some overall impressions

–  I don’t think Destruction is going to be overpopulated as some people thought. Hell Order was rocking the Nordenwatch scenerio.  

– The server queues weren’t all that bad, but needs to watched. One time i did wait 10 minutes to get on. Any longer then that is getting ridiculous.

– Chosen ability Dizzying blow I’m not liking, it’s suppose to snare a player, it didn’t seem like it was, I will have to examine it closer.

– Warrior Priests, I’m starting to really hate those mofos.   

– The game plays for the most part very smooth, and though there was one or two graphical glitches, a couple CTD (crashes to Desktop) from Scenerios, Mythic says their working on it.

I hope your enjoying the OB, as much as I am. I think Mythic has done a real good job thus far. Their MMO experience is shining through right now.


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