What we will refer to as the GOA incident.

Well it seems like the people that handle the European Warhammer screwed up GOA.


This is what Serial Ganker had to say, and for the most part I agree with him. Serial Gankers Post.

Though I applaud Mark Jacobs the guy who runs the show at Mythic for leading the charge at the front, like some sort of old time general. Here’s what Mark has to say.

My thoughts it’s Open Beta people relax, you haven’t paid a cent yet. (unless you slapped down 5 euros for your preorder. )  If people are this angry, and passionate though man Mythic must be on the right track by making a game people WANT to play.

I think sometime the internet brings out the worst of people at times, and I stand by my favorite webcomics views. Penny Arcade


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