Way of the Chosen: Nordenwatch

The seas were rough that day, as if it knew what was about to happen as we unleashed death on the forces of order. Our boats landed on the shore. I hopped out. Looking around and scanned the beach, the rest of the Raven Host set up their forward camp. A little shaman laughing maniacally, I scowled at him.  Greenskins are just tools in our grand scheme, useful tools. But tools none the less. I look down at him, “Your healing spells better be ready cur, or I will gut you and feed you to the crows myself.”  The little git replies, “My magic da bestest, boss. You know worry.”  I turn away, a dark elf witch, smiles at me, and licks her lips. Those ones I will never trust, for dark elves are so filled with hate, and that is saying something coming from one such as I.

It is time, the few orcs that have come with us, scream their pleasure as we run to what looks to be the barracks. It is emptied out no doubt for the soldiery has seen our boats, and their doom. We claim it for our own.  I see a fortress on top of the hill. I charge with my shield in front of me. Waving my bretheren forward, “FOR CHAOS!”

From out of no where a fireball impacts my shield, flames everywhere. I see the source a bright wizard. I charge forth, he tries to blast me again, but true to that little shamans word I feel the soothing relieve of his heals. I dispatch the bright wizard with ease.

Then I see him the cowardly dog of Sigmar, the warrior priest. He sees me, and knows that I am the biggest threat here. His hammer strikes my shield I laugh. My axe cuts his flesh time and time again but his god heals him. “Die Dog!” I scream. “Not before I see you in hell, heretic scum.” he shouts back.  Then out of the shadows that Witch Elf appears and cuts the Warrior Priest up from behind, he never knew what hit him.  She winks at me, and I smile.

The fortress is ours, I see a lighthouse in the distance. I put my shield and axe away, and take out my 2 handed great axe to dispense some furious justice upon the forces of order, and their lapdogs. With my greataxe in hand I call upon the blessing of my gods. An aura of protection covers me. I scream forth, “DEATH TO THE FORCES OF ORDERS!!!”

Much blood was spilled that day, and at the end my god was pleased, but I know that this is not the end, and we have just began bringing the end of this empire which should of been dust long ago.


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