2 hander vs sword and board

Ok my impressions for this topic are mainly from my experience from Nordenwatch scenario. When I was level 11. I did both. Now I am no theory crafter by any sense of the means, and I will avoid numbers and formulas like a plague itself.

As for gear I tried to grab as much renown gear as I could. Such gear as. Shield, Axe, and the renown 2 hander.


As sword and board I was pretty much every bit of the word tank. It took 3-4 people to take me down, and if I had a healer behind me, I was practically another wall. Though I was no killer by any sense of the word, I was A> a good stall tactic to let others take objectives B> focus target so it would allow my dps to kill the people attacking me. Though I was twisting auras a bit, at the lower levels there wasn’t many auras I liked, so I twisted the strength one, and resistance aura.  My main tactic was to try to reach the bridge, and clog it up. 

As a 2 hander, axe wielding madman. I just ran in and tried to kill all the healers and squishers, emphasis on the squishies, depending on the situation i would be near the top of the charts, usually marauders, and sorcers were on top, but coming in 2nd or 3rd ain’t bad.

Of course this being a higher level in a scenario that could be filled with lower levels is not really a good gauge of what is to come, but I’m pretty confident, that though we were meant to tank, if geared, and specced right we can put up some decent numbers.


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