Rivs The Butcher, The only cool thing about the crafting system.

Not a big fan of the crafting system as you know, but I picked up butchery. I thinks its a cool thing more then anything else, and a few extra coinage in my pocket. Rivs the Butcher, sounds cool too.

Little angry though why can’t I butcher an elf. They seem so tasty. I mean come on?

I think Mythic needs to work on their crafting system, but I’m liking everything else, and the gear I’m getting through PQ’s and Renown is pretty good so I won’t complain…..just whine a little.

Hopefully if I butcher enough stuff, I get a cool title. Here’s to hoping.


2 Responses to “Rivs The Butcher, The only cool thing about the crafting system.”

  1. I kind of like the crafting that’s present. Yeah, it could use some more depth, but maybe that’s something I like about it. Right now, most of the stuff can be done while questing. It’s just extra cash, and if you have something like Apothacary, then making a bunch of potions at the end of the day is pretty easy. Once I figured out that with Cultivation you don’t need to add the extra stuff like soil, water and fertilizer, it made things much simpler.

    Now I haven’t tried making Talismans, but the other stuff I like. I guess for people who want a deeper crafting game where anything and everything can be made, then it doesn’t look so good, but for me at least, it seems to support the game rather than become another timesink.

  2. Reminds me of Baldur’s Gate 2, where an especially evil character might be able to get a magical suit of armour made of people. Would be right up a marauder’s alley i reckon (not heavy enough for a chosen).

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