Chosen Tactics

A fellow chosen and guildie named Scipio aka Caldes, and I were discussing tactics. He brought up some good points about roles. He was saying and I am paraphrasing. A 2hander Chosen’s job is to protect the healers, and a sword and board chosen is to linebreak and protect the dps’ers. At first I thought this was counter-intuitive, and I asked him to explain.

When people target the healers they are fixated so we need to kill as fast as we can these enemies, snare them, and use other tactics, the line of dread, and offensive abilities of the chosen is better suited for this.

Where as sword and board, with the extra protection we can run in the midst of the line, cause chaos, guard our main dps’ers, and use abilities like bane shielding to protect the squishie melee dps’ers.

He made sense. I’m going to ask him and expound on these ideas more if he would. Because I don’t want this blog to be just about me. I want it to be a learning tool for all Chosen.


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