What the hell moment….My Shields Block Ratings

So I dinged 14 last night…yeah me. I go to renown merchant to pick up my shiny new weapons, and uber looking shield. I noticed something amiss. My Herald of Vengeance a lower item level wise, had more block on it then my higher level shield, the Herald of Dominion.

I was like what the hell? Uh why?

But damn the new shield looks bad ass.  It’s like buying an expensive new shirt, but afraid to take it out cause you might get tomato sauce on it.


4 Responses to “What the hell moment….My Shields Block Ratings”

  1. I read the same thing about this in a black orc’s blog too.

  2. Was that before or after yesterday’s block rate hotfix?

  3. If you look at them now.. you see that the new one is better =)

  4. Yes it is fixed, Herald of Vengence is 110 block, Herald of Dominion is 150 block.

    All is right in the world, I can carry my bad ass shield and get sauce on it all i want.

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