Stonetroll Crossing…Why do you hate me so.

My issues with Stonetroll.

1.First off is it me or is it kind of retarded that they allow mounts in a T2 scenario where half the people playing don’t have a mount. I think there should be no mounts in Stonetroll.

2.One more thing is bothering me, but it’s not much Mythic could do about it. It’s Destruction lack of playing together on my server. It might be what I’m calling Alliancitis from WoW. Sure we got more people, but half of them are asshats.

So perhaps soon things will even out, and the asshats will learn…..HAHA I crack myself up.

Stonetroll not my favorite Scenario this moment. I’ll keep hammering at it though. Maybe once I get my mount, it won’t be so bad.


One Response to “Stonetroll Crossing…Why do you hate me so.”

  1. Exaclty the same thing is happening on our server but the other way round… Order seem to be wow alliance players who cant play for love nor money lol. I mean check out this screen shot from my irl m8:

    Says it all really…

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