Addicted to Dyeing.

No I didn’t spell it wrong. Ok I do die alot too, comes with the territory. The thing I’m talking about is changing the colors of your stuff, set me apart from the other rank and file schmucks.

Some things need to be said that are a little bothersome for an addict like me.

1. When I try to dye the secondary color of my breastplate, and right click on it. It goes in my bag, and doesn’t get dyed. How the heck do I stop that Shadow Grey doesn’t go with Warlock Purple. I’ll look goofy, and how can I hit on the Witch Elves if I look Goofy.

2. My helm can’t be dyed, WHY NOT?!?!?

3. I don’t know if it’s my graphics card, or what. But Scab Red looks Hot Pink, and that ain’t mean and ferocious. Though I think it’s a treat for Order to be killed by a big hot pink warrior.


2 Responses to “Addicted to Dyeing.”

  1. I know the feeling.

    In regards to number 1, don’t right click on the item. Click on the item, and then right click on the color you want to use for the secondary portion. It took me forever to figure that out.

    The Scab Red looks hot pink to me as well, which drives me nuts as well.

  2. At later ranks you’ll be able to dye helmets.

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