Looky what I found.

So I was traversing Troll Country, just putzing about. I came across a quarry with a bunch of lowbies about 11 to 13 in their rank . The place was filled with Chaos friendly mobs. So I was sitting there watching this group. It was two Warrior Priests, two witch hunters. I’m level 16. They decide to attack. I laugh to myself. I drop them like flies. Though to be honest had some help from the mobs.

So I crush their skulls, and walk out of the quarry. Two witch hunters their ranks 12, and 13 coming down the road. I just sigh. They attack. Block, block, block. Their attacks not doing much. I kill those.

So I go a little further down the road, and here comes a small army of Order. I think I pissed them off, their ranks 15, and 16.

Even though the fight was valiant on my end, I couldn’t take out 6 of them my rank. That’s just silly I think Chosen need to be buffed. LOL!.

It was fun, and something different. My point here is sometimes you need to go off the beaten path, explore, look around, and most importantly enjoy yourself.


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