Want some whine with that cheese.

So I’m doing a scenario last night, and some nice things drop for other classes. I roll greed because it would  be nice for a guildie I’m sure. Well a fellow player choses Need who isn’t even the class the item was for, which aggravates me as well. But hey I’m here for XP, and RP.  I’ll call this guy Hat. So Hat rolls Need, and wins the Rolls.  Hat starts bitching and spamming /sc channel saying his bags were full, and that someone ninja’d his stuff.

After the eighth hundred spam, I lose my cool.

I tell him that the stuff wasn’t even for his class, so chill out. He starts calling me names like Moron. I let him have it, and simply say. “Who’s the moron with the full bags?”

He shut up after that.

Don’t be a Hat, which is short for Asshat.

1. Keep some empty space in your bags…just in case.

2. If you truly don’t need something, don’t hit need.

3. If something goes wrong, spamming a channel ain’t going to change it, just move on.

By the way today’s my Birthday, you can send all your gifts in gold to Rivs on Averheim. 😉


2 Responses to “Want some whine with that cheese.”

  1. Heya Rivs,

    Love the blog so far. I just started WAR last night. So far I am a level 6 Chosen. I really like the heavy tank….one problem is when I get a game, I love to research the living hell out of it…I can never have to many spreadsheets or charts, but my company blocks almost every game site you can think of. Can you recommend any sites for good, current chosen information? I dont want to waste valuable leveling/killing time surfing through web crap.


  2. Thanks Jakkel, I’ve haven’t come across any good theorycrafting sites yet that are chosen specific. I usually just use wardb, and best estimation to get things done. Let me do some research, and I’ll plop something up for Monday. 😉

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