A good place for theorycrafting discussions.

I promised a reader I would look for some discussions on Theorycrafting there are some lovely discussions on the Warhammer Alliance forums

One that I found interesting is that Sword and Board Chosen like myself might not be getting as much renown as we should. We have some talents, and we do some things to disrupt the other team like a good repel off the tower in Stonetroll. But you only get renown for damage done, or healing done, not damage taken. So I could sit the occupying half the enemy while our flag carrier gets to the point in Stonetroll, but I don’t get much renown because I don’t actually do damage.

Is there a place for us S/B Chosen in Scenarios. I think so, but why must we bite the bullet all the time. Why are tanks always needed, but seldom treated fairly. Oh well such is the way of things, I’ll keep my shield up, and just grin and bare it, because nothing gives me more pleasure then repelling a Warrior priest over the edge of the tower. Nothing.


6 Responses to “A good place for theorycrafting discussions.”

  1. Heya Rivs,

    I use the S/B in rvr also. I get more satisfaction from winning then from reaping renown anyway so Im not to to upset. On a different note….

    What is more important to a S/B wounds or toughness? I get confused when I find gear that is similar but different attributes. I hit 14 last night, not bad since only getting the game last Thursday. My guy looks badass with the helm and cloak now. Im up in troll country running quests and stuff.

    I just wish in scenarios when I place guard on a healer that they would actually try to stay near me. There seems to be no or little communications amost pug chaos groups. Guess I need to find a guild 🙂

    Jakkel – Drifting Castle

  2. Hey Jakkel. Wounds is pure health, where toughness decreases dps over time. Theres a good write up over at Wizards and Wenches that pretty much goes into it. Very interesting read too.


    Since being a meat shield I would go maybe Wounds > Toughness. To me if you get less damage per tick, if you don’t have the health there either way your going to die. That’s just an opinion though.

    On my server seems like Order seems more well..ordered. They stick together better, but then again when half the team are warrior priests, can’t really get too far from a healer.

  3. Thanks for the info….

    Speaking of warrior priests, how the heck do you kill them? Can they heal and move at the same time? I cant seem to out damage them no matter what I do. Order seems to always have a ton of healing where chaos is full of marauders and magus’s. My fights so far have been very lopsided when there are large groups on both side with Order kicking our ass. When the rvr is smaller say 5 and under we do very well. I like being the underdog, when I played midgard back in the day on Percival it was great fun when the other 2 ganged up on us when the new frontiers came out….but that was a long time ago 😦

  4. No I don’t think they can move an heal. The thing with Warrior Priests is try to steal their Action Points, with something like Withering Blow. No action points…no heals.

  5. Warrior Priests and DoK don’t use action points to heal. Not directly at least.

  6. Good point. But WP, and DOK need to do stuff with action points, to generate power to heal. Cut off Action Points you choke their source. Correct?

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