I’m taking my ball and going home

The book of Grudges brought up a good point.



Now I’m going to be a Devil’s advocate and take kind of an opposite view. I don’t really feel that way all the time, but I have in the past especially in WoW. There are times though when I know were really outmatched, and just want to get out of the scenario. Especially when I see 5 elves on horses in a T2 scenario.  The thing that really keeps me going is my hate, and that it’s not just renown I am shooting for but, experience right now. So if I win I get more XP. At 40 I don’t know what I’ll feel. But here are the few times I feel like just giving up.

1. Sometimes you got to know when to cut your losses. I mean seriously if your losing 400 to 8, do you really think you got a chance.

2. When I go into a scenario solo, once in awhile I feel that my team is just clueless, and I am stuck with these people for possibly the next 15 minutes.

3. Some of the Scenarios the way they are designed once you get behind the proverbial “8-ball”, it’s very difficult to come from behind.

4. The class balance in these pugs are sometimes crappy, like not a whole heck alot of healers, where as the team your facing is 10 warrior priests.

5. I get way to frustrated with everything just got get upset, and want to toss in the towel. I don’t quite know how to leave, so I’m stuck there until the bitter end. In WoW if you were upset just /AFK.

Yeah I know it’s babyish, but hey it’s the way I feel and I am human.  Most of the time though if things are going bad I really just want to kill as many as I can, and I become more suicidal just wading through a horde of order causing CHAOS!!!.

Well it’s what I was Chosen for.


5 Responses to “I’m taking my ball and going home”

  1. There’s an exit to all the scenarios that ports you back out – big glowy red war sign 🙂

  2. There is an exit portal in every scenario. It’s usually behind the place where you start, so just run that way and you’ll leave the scenario.

  3. Ahh use to that meaning you can’t go that way, or a place locked out from beta. Thanks guys. Now when there are asshats running around, I’ll just take my leave. Instead of crying over spilt milk.

  4. I can’t agree with you at all on cutting your losses at 400-8. I have seen the most dramatic last minute turn arounds, especially in Ekrund.

    Last night for example, I joined Ekrund on my Shaman only to find that it was 452-138 to the Dwarfs. No problem, heal those tanks post haste! We won.. 497-500. It really was that close.

    Giving up, calling it quits, cutting your losses – whatever you want to call it is all good and well in a situation where you’re out in the open and drastically out numbered, but in a scenario? Never. 🙂

  5. I never give up. When the score is out of control I seem to go into a killing rage. I will throw myself at any enemy I can find. I know its futile but if I can take one of them with me Im gonna do it. If nothing else it shows their smug ass that they aren’t invincible.

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