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Happy Halloween!

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Well Ghoulies, and Goblins, Happy Halloween.

Well last night I ran some scenarios,  let me tell you I love Doomfist Crater. It’s a tanks wet dream. Holding the line on one of the bridges. Ahh and poor Werit, I saw him, and he didn’t fare that well this time. Everytime I played Doomfist. Destro rocked. On the flip side Tor Anroc is my kryptnonite. Even though I enjoy punting people in the Lava, Destro doesn’t seem to be able to pull it together for that.

PvE, I don’t know. I try, and it’s just not fun. It’s like pulling teeth. I like raiding Gunbad, cause it’s with my guildies and i always have fun with them. Solo PvE, I rather go yank my own teeth out with a rusty pair of pliers. Something needs to be done about it.

Open RvR, seemed quite dead last night in T3. Order has been steamrolling. I think because Destro just doesnt care, and want to reach end game ASAP.

RvR antics

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Last night, had a real fun night in some Open RvR in T3. Tons of Order, and Destro made an appearance. Back and Forth, Back and Forth for hours. After 4 hours of it I had to give it a rest. Not much xp, but a good amount of Renown.

I think I might have to much suicidal in me. I would run right into the middle of the order group, to try to debuff them, to disrupt their lines. They didn’t take to kindly to that for some reason.

I even saw a fellow blogger good ole dwarf Werit. He’s an engineer, so he was hiding in the back. LOL! i knew no way in the hell would I kill him with all the BW’s gunning for me. I just wanted to say hi though in my own special way, with me sword.

It was a fun time, and reinforced the idea why I like WAR.

Frost Mage Love

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In the world event by Blizz, you can kill invading armies of the Scourge at certain spots. You get these Necrotic Runes. The Runes you can turn in for stuff. One of the things is a horn that calls your own pet Paladin. Paladin really sucks, but whats cool is the Paladin bubbles, and hearthes when its done. I want one real bad. I was doing AOE with my Frost Mage. I went 61 all frost. I don’t know I love the frost line. It was SICK! The numbers were flying all over the screen when I cast my blizzard. It was the most fun I had in WoW in years…years. I think last time I had that much fun was BWL in the suppression room. That was a mage love room.

In WAR I’m looking forward to the Witching Night patch, to see if I can get any cool stuff. Also I have to get some XP under my belt. I really like some of the improvement being made, and were WAR is headed. The next few levels are going to be painful.

WoW versus WAR

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This thought just popped in my mind. I was in this war of video games before. It was an Arcade in the late 80’s. Side by side were two games.

Super Street Fighter 2- which is like WoW. Cartoony, yet fun to play. I loved it when I did a “Haiyouken”

Next to that was Mortal Kombat- which to me reminds me of WAR. More realistic, more brutal and more to the point. You just get into this killing mode when you hear Scorpion go ” GET OVER HERE!”

Both games were very satisfying, and fun to play. I loved to play both games too, but it usally depended on who’s playing with me. Paying 30 bucks is way cheaper then all the quarters i dumped in those two games combined.

I would also like to send out a big Hola to my spanish readers at Warhammer Latino.  Gracias for reading my blog.

Congo Rats to Me.

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Woot! Ding! etc.etc. I made Rank 25. 24 seemed to take forever. One good thing is I had some nice scenarios last night. Some resounding wins, and some bitter defeats. I was glad a couple other scenarios opened up, beside Tor Anroc. Though I’m in probably the vast minority that actually likes that scenario. It seems like I was getting more xp in scenarios though in general. I don’t know if this is true or not, but I won’t complain. I would like to have seen more Open RvR last night since Order seemed to own everything in T3. It seems like Destro all moved on to T4.

In the land of WoW, the zombie event is over I liked it for the most part. I can see though how it could get aggravating reeeeaaalll quick. Tonight I hit Kara, with full blown frost spec, which is my spec of choice. I can’t wait to see how it performs.

Back to the Future

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So I was really busy this weekend didn’t get to play WAR too much. Last night I got a bug up my tookus, I had to check out Thee zombie event of WoW. So I dusted off the WoW account. Loaded the ungodly patch. Loaded it up. I checked it out. At 70 pretty cool, but if I was trying to grind up a toon for the expansion..not so cool. It was different, and when dealing with WoW anything different is cool. So I sat there checked out the glyph stuff, which was cool. I also liked the fact mounts, and pets don’t take up bag space anymore.  There’s alot of things I still like about WoW. It does do PvE right. Which I enjoy…on occasion. It was really nice to chat with some old friends.

Will I get WoTLK, and get my my toon to 80 in WoW, yes. I never said I hated WoW. I just grew tired of alot of the things offered.

Will I delete my WAR account. Never. I love this game. Can’t beat RvR.

So I must be one of those people that Mark Jacobs talks about duel wielding MMO’s


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This came from…VNboards.


Thought I would repost some things here.  This is one of the reasons I like Discord path with my chosen, that debuff is pretty awesome, with Blastwave.

What does CORPOREAL resistance protect you against? Everything that a Zealot or Engineer can throw at you, plus half of the spells that a Sorceress or Bright Wizard can use. And it provides slight protection against highly specialized “Da Boss” Black Orcs and “Scout” Shadow Warriors.

What does ELEMENTAL resistance protect you against? Everything that a Shaman or Rune Priest can throw at you, plus half of the spells that a Bright Wizard or Magus can use. It also provides minor protection against a Shadow Warrior if they’re Scout spec.

What does SPIRITUAL resistance protect you against? A lot. Everything that an Archmage can throw at you, as well as half of the spells that a Sorceress or Magus can use. Additionally, the Chosen, Disciple, Witch Elf, Swordmaster, White Lion and Witch Hunter can all produce slight amounts of spiritual damage. Further, the Chosen, Swordmaster and White Lion (especially if Hunter spec) can almost entirely fall back upon this damage type for their output if fighting against highly armored foes (tanks).

Sorceress: 12 attacks/abilities
Zealot: 11 attacks/abilities
Black Orc: 1 corporeal AOE if “Da Boss” spec.
Bright Wizard: 11 attacks/abilities
Engineer: 11 attacks/abilities
Shadow Warrior: 1 corporeal attack if “Scout” spec.

Shaman: 13 attacks/abilities
Magus: 11 attacks/abilities (most in havoc path)
Bright Wizard: 12 attacks/abilities
Rune Priest: 13 attacks/abilities
Shadow Warrior: 1 elemental attack (scout path)

Chosen: 4 attacks/abilities
Disciple: 2 attacks/abilities (dark rites and sacrifice)
Magus: 12 attacks/abilities (most in change path)
Sorceress: 10 attacks/abilities
Witch Elf: 1 spiritual attack (suffering path)
Archmage: 11 attacks
Swordmaster: 5 attacks/abilities total littered among all 3 paths
Warrior Priest: 2 attacks (salvation and wrath)
White Lion: 1 attack (hunter path)
Witch Hunter: 3 attacks (1 in each tree)

Lastly, there are some classes which can debuff an enemy’s resistance to a magical damage type.

For Spirit Debuffs;
The Magus has Glean Magic, AOE, enhanced through their “Change” path.
The Archmage has Storm of Cronos, cone, enhanced through their “Asuryan” path.
The Archmage has Feel the Winds, PBAE, a buyable ability in their “Asuryan” path.

For Corporeal Debuffs;
The Black Orc has WAAAAAAAGH, PBAE, a high level buyable ability in their “Da Boss” path.
The Bright Wizard has Boiling Blood, single target, enhanced through the “Immolation” path.
The Engineer has Acid Bomb, AOE, enhanced through their “Grenadier” path.

** Addtion. The zealot does have a Corp Debuff, Called Harbinger of Doom

For Elemental Debuffs;
The Shaman has Scuse Me!, cone, enhanced through their “Gork” path.
The Shaman has Sticky Feet, GTAE, a high level buyable ability in their “Da Green” path.

For Universal Debuffs;
The Chosen has Blast Wave, pbae, enhanced through their “Discord” path.
The Swordmaster has Heaven’s Blade, single target weapon proc enhanced through their “Hoeth” path.




A guildie asked, “What does a sorc get?” The reply from another guildie, “Screwed”


But they do get a self buff, Shroud of Darkness.