Cross Q’ing Scenarios

I love it a whole lot, but there’s something that is still tugging at my brain about it.  

Well I love it because it was almost I got into either one of the scenarios pretty much instantly. I got to see and do some Scenarios that I don’t normally do, breaking up the boredom of doing the same one again and again.

Then why am I a little bothered by it, why is there a little nagging in my head that says I’m missing something. I don’t know maybe I got Stonetroll so mesmerized and after doing 20 a night, then doing just maybe one, got me a little homesick of it. Maybe it bothers me that I really don’t have an excuse to go see the other lands now if I don’t really want to, maybe missing out on something.

Maybe I’m just an old man, who doesn’t like change. I’m sure I’ll get use to it.


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