The end is nigh!

Well around the world is ablaze with new reports at,, and

Is destruction overpowered? Is order doomed?

Not on my server, Averheim they were taking keeps at will in T2. I’m not saying Destro isn’t way overpopulated, because it is. I just don’t think Order is the sitting duck it seems they think they are.

Time will tell I think.


One Response to “The end is nigh!”

  1. On the Tor Anroc server Order seems to be doing well – we’re about 50/50 on Scenario wins and regularly control Zones or at least keep them in contention. Not sure how this is going in Tier 3/4 unfortunately – haven’t found a Guild to join (still enjoying some solo and ad-hoc partying) or an acquintance with access that far in to ask.

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