Top 5 Reasons I like being Chosen

5. Your more of a thinking man’s tank, with your aura’s you kind of have to employ more strategy to the situation.

4. That even speccing more defensively you have a spot in PvP, or RvR, not like other games that we all know, and vice versa. Even though your specced DPS, your not useless as a tank.  

3. Being a Tank, means being needed. It’s nice to be needed.

2. The pure awesomeness of being surrounded by toons whether their players or mobs, and even though their whacking you they aren’t bringing you down. While they get angry you keep moving towards your objective like your namesake the tank.

The best reason of all.

1. Looking like a Bad Ass Mofo. We sure do!


You got any reasons?


One Response to “Top 5 Reasons I like being Chosen”

  1. I was ranked 2nd place for kills (25 vs 27 held by an Order player) in a Nordenwatch scenario earlier. Whoever said Chosen can’t do a little damage was obviously wrong.

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