Looking for some healing, and I ain’t talking sexual either.

Overpopulated – yes

Overpowered – maybe

Healers – not really


I can only speak for my server, and for T2. Doing scenarios there seems to be a real lack of healers, a serious lack of healers. Where as Order has a plethora of them. Heck it seemed 1 out of 2 people are a healer on the Order side. So where Order has a lack of Tanks, I think we as Destruction have a lack of healers it seems like. Everyone wants to do damage, and rip stuff up on Destro, and I admire that, and support that. Alas if we have no healers to heal all the dps, were not going to last too long.

I tell you what, if you roll a healer on Destruction, you will be well sought after, and taken care of. Hell I’ll give you a hug myself.


5 Responses to “Looking for some healing, and I ain’t talking sexual either.”

  1. Doesn’t the guild have a ton of healers?

  2. Yes and no Mike, Yes we got a good amount of healers, but they moved on to tier 3. Sure I do well when were joining scenarios as a guild. My observations come from when I’m doing scenarios solo. Just seems like destro doesn’t have the healing power as Order.

  3. Your tier language is strange and foreign to me, thus I can’t help but dismiss it as heresy.

  4. Go back to WoW, you pallie biotch!

  5. I participated in 3 seperate tier-2 Battleground scenarios tonight, and on all three occasions we got creamed (500 Pts. vs our 40, 500 Pts. vs our 120, and finally 500 Pts. vs our… 0)… we also had 0 Zealots all 3 times. Coincidence? I doubt it.

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