My Hero, My Mentor, My Enemy

So I play a Chosen, Rivs on Averheim US server, my guild Einherjar very talented peeps. There’s one Order guild I singled out as my arch enemies. Casualities of War. Why? Their good. A man should pick his enemies more wisely then his friends, also I know alot of fellow bloggers are a part of this guild as well. But not him, not thee one.

Et tu Tobold.

I just found out my hero, my mentor in this blogging universe, is my enemy.


I feel a little like a young sith apprentice that must take out his master.

I guess it is my destiny, the great changer of ways has deemed it so.


One Response to “My Hero, My Mentor, My Enemy”

  1. We’ll make sure his next blog is about some guy from destro who owned his ass :). Great site Rivs

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