The Favor of the Raven God

My power grows, and I am favored with the Raven God.  As I stick my blade into the Empire scum, and see his life force ebb. I feel the warp of Chaos touch me, and the Raven God touches me, blessing me with more strength and power to do his will.  

Though I have grown in power I must stop to see the priests for training, and I am told by my brethren that I must make a journey to the Inevitable City, the city of my dread lord. For it is time to seek my companion in my war to bring change to this land.

The City is insanity taken form, Chaos minions, and doomed souls wander it’s streets, and alleys.  The smell of carnage permeates the air, and I breath it in like a fine wine. I am home.

After wandering a bit, I find the one I seek in the Northwestern part of the city, near the stables. I tell him that I am ready for my mount. He replies, “Ya think so eh? We shall see about that…”

He says he requires 15 gold for the materials, I plop down the sack of gold I have fought so hard to get. He produces a old battered horn with runes all over it.

The grizzly stable master says, “Are you ready for the ritual of binding?”  I growl, “Be done with it already!”

He begins to chant, he places one hand on my forehead, and while holding the horn. Suddenly a burning pain courses through my body, I almost waver from the onslaught. My body is racked with spasms, and what’s left of my blackened heart is beating way too fast. Then as soon as it started it was over. The runes on the horn glowing a sickly blue.

The stable master covered in a sheen of sweat, hands me the horn and says almost solemnly, “It is done.”

I look at it. I look at him. He shakes his head, and shouts, “You blow on it your durn fool.”, and walks away in disgust.

I blow the horn, and in a puff of brimstone smoke a demonic horse appears. I look in it’s eyes and see the burning hate that I have in my heart. I touch it’s fine coat with my hand. When I touch him, a chill goes through my soul. I jump back. I look at the creature’s eyes, it’s as though I am staring back at myself. 

The stable master is watching me from a chair amused, He utters. “That demon mount is fuzed with a bit of your soul. It is as much a part of you as your arm.”

I hop in the saddle of  my new companion, draw my sword, and scream, “LET LOOSE CHAOS FOR THE RAVEN GOD!!!!”


2 Responses to “The Favor of the Raven God”

  1. Congrats on the mount! Cheers.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed that. I play a Chosen on Wasteland (US). If you are every in my neck of dark woods give me a tell and say Hi.

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