RvR weekend

No rest or relaxation, just WAR!.

I had a chance to put together a group of people, with the help of a guildie as well Bozlum, the squig herder. We took back Stonetroll keep from order. It was good practice I learned how to operate a ram, and a I also played around with a cannon.

I tanked the Keep Lord, which was a witch hunter. Someone said to tank him on the balcony, so I said sure. DON’T YOU BELIEVE IT!!!!.  The witch hunter booted me off the balcony. No you want to tank him near the back wall. So when he boots you, your still right there.

I won a nifty little ring too boot.

Other then that it was just dominate time in T2 scenarios, being 21 I’m on top of that food chain, and it’s pretty fun. XP sucks, but I’m in it to have some fun, it’s not all about the XP in my book.


3 Responses to “RvR weekend”

  1. Heya Rivs,

    I was in Drifitng Castles t2 que for almost 3 hours with no action. I wonder if something was hosed. I ahve a question for ya. Im 19 and struggling to 20. Ive already completed chapters 10 in both Chaos and Orcs. Im doing chapter 11 chaos now but Im almost done with those quests….is there a better way to get xp? Im running out of quests.

    Its also a pain that I cant queue for t2 rvr while in t3 areas and Im to low to queue t3 scenaris so I have to go to troll country queue up then travel back to where Im leveling. Am I missing something?


  2. I have always mixed a lot of scenarios in my grinding, but I’m fortunate to have guildies, while their in T2 zones, they queue for me. My suggestion is if your not part of a guild look for one. Makes life simpler, and you get things done faster including leveling.

    The key to scenarios is try to get a good group going too, when I was winning I was getting like 7-8k experience, just for winning, not including the xp while I was in there. Which would end up to be around 9-10k.

    Other then that I know as you near the end of tiers the grind always get suckier, same thing happend in DAOC. like 19, 29, 39,49, always sucked arse.

    Hope that helps a little.

  3. I miss pygmy farming.

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