Ain’t no glass cannons in this game.

Came across an interesting blog for sorceress, and sorcerers, but it had an awesome tool. Wish there was something like this for Chosen. But here’s the blog, and the calculator.




One Response to “Ain’t no glass cannons in this game.”

  1. Nice articles, thanks for posting that but holy crap, I wish I hadn’t read it. I guess understanding your enemy is the first step in beating them, and hey, I always ilke being the underdog anyway. Seems like the BW is way OP. That’s good though, maybe a few Sorc buffs here or there and a few BW debuffs here or there and we’ll be that much more effective. The IBs also seem to be a little OP as well. Wouldn’t mind seeing that comparison. Great stuff Rivs, I probably learned more about my toon and the BW in the ten minutes I tool to read that than I have throughout the entire game.


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