T2 Scenerios – This is how I roll.

As a Sword and Board Chosen, I know a few things.

– I will never be on top of any damage charts.

– My renown and xp will never reach epic proportions.

– My role


This is a big issue with Chosen, and the mindset of things. There are two types of chosen. Sword and Board, and 2hander, or as I’ll call him S/B, and 2h

What I am going to say goes against the old WoW rules, and even logic but listen to me for a second.

You have DPS, and Healers. The DPS is soft, the healers are soft.

As a S/B chosen I view myself as a front line chosen, that repels healers out of range from their targets, that uses a discordant aura/Blastwave combo to debuff, a toughness debuff, and depending on the make up of the team other debuffs. Making sure a guard is on a melee dps next to me.  I also view myself as thee flag carrier/token carrier.

If your a 2h, I believe your place is rarely in the front lines, you should be guarding the healers, and trying to kill as fast as you can anyone who harasses them.

t2 scenarios- these aren’t tips it just what I do. I want to win – xp, renown all secondary to me.

Stonetroll – I go for the flag, and run. I try not to mess with combat at all if I don’t have to. Keep an eye on the enemy run the other way. It’s all about speed, and your goal to pacify the trolls.  For example, large battle was going on top of the tower. I run up, not even engaging in combat. I take the pacifier, and run down the opposite way order was coming. I don’t stop and start fighting. Now if there’s more then one s/b chosen there, there nothing I love more then repelling a runepriest over the edge on the tower. Nothing.

Mourkain Temple – Go for the artifact. Cant get it, Stay on the enemy flag carrier, debuffing, and trying to get him, The damage will get him soon. If you do get it, don’t run into the front lines immediately, stand back a bit, hug the corners, stay out of ranged dps line of sight. When things settle go ahead and try to kill somethings, but I’ll bet a dollar, they’ll be coming for you, hopefully they’ll be stupid they’ll come for you one at a time.

Phoenix Gate – I try to get a 3 man team going, and the others work defense. I prefer a healer/melee dps/me. I have the melee, and healer go to the flag first while I hang back, and almost hide. When the flag defenders attack them. I run in and grab the flag, and run the hell back.  Rinse and Repeat, it works 60% time, every time.

Well those are some of the things I do, and think about T2, take them for what their worth. Not really much, but if it helps you good. Remember when you hit t3/t4 things, and roles might change.


2 Responses to “T2 Scenerios – This is how I roll.”

  1. Scarybooster Says:

    As a Black Orc I mainly use a S/B but I tried a 2h this weekend and didn’t see much difference in DPS or survivability. I did notice I live longer in RvR with the 2h because I am always the first crack baby to beat the crap out of dps squishies. My last PG scenario ended with me with 55 kills 0 deaths but my DPS was average. Maybe my healers were just that good. I did solo a Shadow Warrior and Engineer that were equal to me. They sucked or I rock. I’m sticking with the I rock.

  2. Dont forget the fact that you really rock w SnB because all the abilities you can activate. Like the morale parry or guard.

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