Mastery Training

I was wondering this, and Jakkel asked me about this as well. How doe’s mastery training effect those core abilities, it doesn’t appear that the tooltips have changed.

So since I used cleave alot, I was going to respect to despair line for now, and see how I do with that. I noticed that before I started in the Mastery Training my Cleave Training my Cleave damage was 60, I put points in despair, and my Cleave Damage went up after I trained to 90.  I didn’t really check the tooltip, but it seems any changes you make in the mastery training are reflected in the mastery training window.

I was thinking discord, but it appears that damage is not much effect with someone with high resistances.


2 Responses to “Mastery Training”

  1. akira1001 Says:

    I’m a discord chosen myself since I find that I use mostly discord abilities anyway. But high resistance isn’t a problem if you have the aura that lowers them plus blast wave to lower them even more. I find that casters are the most annoying in RvR so the discord line is very tempting. Especially the ability that increases your disruption rate and silences the caster you disrupt.

  2. Thanks Akira,

    I am rolling with Despair right now to level. Depending on the needs of the guild I am either going to switch to Corruption, or Discord. Probably Discord since we’re mostly a RvR guild.

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