The Armies of Destruction Amass.

I changed spec to discord, I think debuffing, and that aura that slows down healing pure awsomeness. I will keep it for a while, I don’t know how it will perform in PvE though. We will see this weekend.  I might have to find a UI mod to increase the length of my hotbars or put more hotbars on my screen. I’m starting to amass a huge amount of abilities, and my twitch movement isn’t as good as it use to be. Anyone know of any let me know. 

Last night, I was a part of a large force of destruction at least 2 warbands plus more stragglers. We just steamrolled a couple keeps in the T3 area. We started in Black Fire Pass, and hit up Avelorn as well. It was amazing, this was the first time I was a part of such a large force for pvp working together to reach our goals. It brought back alot of memories from DAOC. The lag was bad at times, but alot more tolerable then it was in DAOC at times.  I didn’t have to remove my cloak at least. I’ll try to slap some pics later.

Also I’m a little peeved that guild recall now only works if your guild is lvl 17, luckily my guild is almost there. If we were lower, I would of been full blown pissed.

Don’t forget to enter the little contest I’m running, and win a Way of the Chosen shirt as well.


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