A little more on Tactics

There seemed to be a little mix up on tactics, so I will go into further detail.

At level 23 , I have 2 tactic slots, 2 renown tactic slots, and 1 tome tactic. I also have moral abilities. We’ll leave morale out for now.

From the list below which are tactics for a chosen.



You can pick 2 of the green (career tactics), 2 of the red(orangish, which are renown tactics), and one blue (tome tactic).

For my 2 green, I picked Rugged, and Warped Flesh

For my 2 renown, I picked combat awareness, and looter.

tome tactic I have no clue on how to get. I’ll find out for you peeps tomorrow.  I am 99% sure some of them stack, I don’t know if they stack with morale abilities or not I would have to do some testing. I hope this explains a little better.


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