My Personal Tactics.

At level 23, Sword and Board Chosen it’s all about survivability to me. I need to stay up longer, because I’m trying to get in the back, make the healer scatter, and start breaking things up. In short incite Chaos, can’t do that lying on the ground. So these are the Tactics I use.


Rugged – More toughness is a good thing.

Warped Flesh – A little shield better then no shield at all.

Renown Tactics –

Combat Awareness– More xp equals faster leveling

Looter–  Ok I’m a greedy bastard

Morale –

Champions Challenge – Simon says Freeze!!! I like another snare.

Shield Wall – Mmmmm. Shield goodness.


So thats what I got going on in the tactic area for right now. I probably play around with the tactics a little more when I get a few more.  We’ll see.


5 Responses to “My Personal Tactics.”

  1. Heya Rivs,

    Sounds like we are doing the exact same thing…so it must be right 🙂

    One question for you. I dont have any renown tactics yet….at 23 do you have 2 renown tactic slots available to you along with the 2 normal tactic slots?


  2. There is no right, just what works for you. But yes you have 2 renown slots as well. I don’t know if you get more at 30 or not. I hope so. I really like Chaotic Advantage. the one where you get action points when you parry.

  3. Do you know if multiple tactics can trigger at once? If they can my plan is to go with the following tactics:

    Mixed Defenses – anytime you block an attack your chance to parry is increased by 50%

    Destined For Victory – anytime you block an attack you gain 200 points of moral

    Chaotic Advantage – anytime you parry you gain action points

    Rugged – can never have to much defenses

    On top of shield wall you would be blocking and parrying like a fiend and gaining moral and APs at the same time….

    That sound right or am I missing something?


  4. Not quite right.

  5. I posted another post. Those are all 4 career tactics. Though I don’t know what you get a level 40, but at 23 that setup is not possible.

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