I’m so excited…

And I just can’t hide it…

Sorry for the 80’s song reference, but I am excited. I was going to talk about the WoW patch, and WotLK, and how it will affect WAR, but Mark Jacobs has spoken about 1.1 patch, and well lets say that ain’t a banana in my pocket.

 Here’s some Highlights.

-Let’s start with what we know is some truly exciting news. I’m happy to announce that in December, the Black Guard and the Knight of the Blazing Sun will officially be part of WAR.

Awesome, now the Order can have some Tank Love, and I can quite hearing them biotch. Although Destruction I think is pretty much set on Tanks. Black Guard are pretty cool looking.

-we’ve got a number of things going into the game between now and 1.1 that we expect will help to address everything from crashes to desktops (CTDs) to stuttering.

This is one of those things that is very important. Annoyances like CTDs will kill a game very quick.

-working hard on deploying a substantially improved mail system for this patch.

THANK YOU!!!! 1000 times THANK YOU!

-In 1.1 (and beyond) we will be doing a myriad of things for our RvR players, including improving gear drops, increasing drop rates, and implementing an RvR-influence system to compliment the current PvE-influence system.

More reasons for Order to come out and play.

-Other changes for 1.1 include major additions to the chat system (item linking and more) as well as continued work on our targeting system, including adding Main Assist and Target of Target.

Polish boys…polish!!!

-In addition to the server balancing methods that have worked so well over the last week, we will also be offering the first server transfers to our players to continue to help even out the server populations.

Hmmm this can be a bad thing…or a good thing depending on how it’s handled.

-fourteen entirely new quest chains, two new Lairs, and many more Tome of Knowledge unlocks!

More stuff is always a good thing.

-Almost every career is going to see some changes and love coming their way and there are very, very few changes that will be seen as reductions to a career’s abilities

This will be interesting to see how this pans out. really interesting.


Overall some exciting changes. That I want to share with you, and let you know WAR isn’t going anywhere.



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