Alot of T3 Action this weekend

Friday/Saturday saw alot of T3 action on my Server, which is a good thing because sooner or later these people will be T4, which I haven’t been hearing too many things as of late.

As the time goes on, I don’t think that Order is all that outnumbered by us. I know in general that some servers are outnumbered badly, but I noticed another thing on some servers Destruction is getting a bonus. I feel once the 2 new classes come out things will even themselves out a little better. They got to make the Knights look bad ass though imho.


2 Responses to “Alot of T3 Action this weekend”

  1. Stupid question here….

    Can a level 23 t3 character participate in t4 world rvr? My guild for the most part has moved onto t4 and cant help with t3 sieges but can I assist them in t4 sieges?


  2. I do believe you can, but expect to die…ALOT!

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