My goal here is to talk about video games.

Though I am in love with WAR ( i just reupped my subscription), I am a video gamer. I spent the last 4 years in the thrall of World of Warcraft. Which I believe is a great game, hell it kept me upping the cash for 4+years. I have had several 70’s, I even toying around the idea of reupping my subscription to get my undead mage to 80.  We’ll see about that.

The thing I want to talk about is the video game company recalling a game, because it might be offensive to muslims. Littlebigplanet. God forbid we offend the Muslims, but it’s ok to blast some fools head off, and have sex with a prostitute. I would have more respect for the company if they released the game anyway, and said “Meh we like the song….piss off”. I myself have no need to play this game, If I wanted to control little sack men, I would take a potato sack, draw a couple eyes on it, and roll it around in a wagon.

Back to WAR, man leveling in the mid 20’s is kinda painful, not root canal painful, but painful enough where I can’t wait to leave T3 behind.


Don’t forget people still got a contest going on, so send in your submission, and win some free stuff.



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