No greater feeling.

I know everyone hates Tor Anroc. I hear decries of people that the punt mechanic should be taken out somehow of that scenario.

For me though there is no better feeling then sending a RunePriest, or foofoo Archmage into the warm lava love.

When I punt them in, I almost can hear them scream, “Ahhhhhhh!!!” All the way down.  I really get a sick pleasure out of it.

Am I wrong for this?


3 Responses to “No greater feeling.”

  1. Nothing wrong in enjoying your work.

  2. Wrong?! Hell no, if anything you should be commended. My helmet is off to you my fellow Chosen.

    “Punt away Meril, punt away…!”

  3. I think the people who hate knockback the most are those sad few of us without knockbacks ourselves. I can see being ok with it if I got to do it back. From my point of view, I’m flying everywhere turning into deep fried sorceress but I don’t get to punt things myself. Not fair ; ;

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