Kudos to Order

What’s this in my hand, Oh that would be my ass.

So last night in T3 open RvR, in Chaos area, near Passwatch. I see there was a little Open RvR happening awesome. I joined a Warband of like 10 at the most. We take the field of battle, and I turn the corner…Holy Shnikes. Like 2-3 Warbands of Order coming right for me. I resist the urge to run away, doing everything I can to debuff with blastwave, and auras. But if you ever see those nature videos where the millions of little insects, overpower and kill the bigger insect. That was me last night.

The calls went out to my comrades. “Need help in T3″, Some responded, still not enough. Though we fought, we couldn’t overtake them, it was fun nonetheless.

It had me wondering though if were so overpopulated, where was everyone? Where are these vast numbers that bloggers, and media are stating. So I asked, where is everyone. Only one reply was given, ” T4″

Well if when these Order level up and hit T4, I can’t wait. They had their crap together. So I want to give props where props are due. Enjoy the RP I donated.


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