Back to the Future

So I was really busy this weekend didn’t get to play WAR too much. Last night I got a bug up my tookus, I had to check out Thee zombie event of WoW. So I dusted off the WoW account. Loaded the ungodly patch. Loaded it up. I checked it out. At 70 pretty cool, but if I was trying to grind up a toon for the expansion..not so cool. It was different, and when dealing with WoW anything different is cool. So I sat there checked out the glyph stuff, which was cool. I also liked the fact mounts, and pets don’t take up bag space anymore.  There’s alot of things I still like about WoW. It does do PvE right. Which I enjoy…on occasion. It was really nice to chat with some old friends.

Will I get WoTLK, and get my my toon to 80 in WoW, yes. I never said I hated WoW. I just grew tired of alot of the things offered.

Will I delete my WAR account. Never. I love this game. Can’t beat RvR.

So I must be one of those people that Mark Jacobs talks about duel wielding MMO’s


5 Responses to “Back to the Future”

  1. […] Theerivs nos cuenta que decidió reactivar su cuenta de WoW para poder probar el dichoso evento de los Zombies del cual vi algunos títulos en WoWInsider pero no le puse atención, la verdad es que yo también tuve una “recaída” de WoW hace unas semanas cuando el parche con el contenido de WoTLK salio, después de pasarme una hora bajando el parche y que todo estuviera listo entre y me gusto mucho la pantalla de inicio, la cual ya conocía pues por ahí me había colado a un servidor de WoTLK pirata, entro con mi Shaman y veo con cierto agrado nostálgico las gráficas del juego, mi personaje, mi montura épica y todo eso que todo jugador de WoW extraña, muy guapo el calendario el sistema de logros y los famosos Glyph. […]

  2. Are you big on the end game raid? (I found I do not like the end game/gear raids system of WoW and did not like WoW PvP.)
    I agree PvE / leveling part of WoW is a great and still a fantastic UI. I may give Wrath a month to settle then play some also. Or not, still undecided.

  3. I really enjoy raiding when it was with friends, some of my best MMO moments was in MC, and BWL. When Burning Crusade came out, it changed WoW, and the dynamics. I loathe the PvP in WoW. It’s an e-sport, no gratification.

  4. See in WAR your guild can be known well by the other side due to you stomping their faces in with your standards and your names on the keeps the rightfully belong to your guild. In WoW… well you go off in a corner (instance) and play with yourselves for 5 hours and nobody anywhere in existance knows what you may or may not have done unless you get out of game and brag about it in forums and others have to go to those forums, read about it, and post Mom jokes about you… LAME. I’m sorry but what’s the point of the PVE in WoW??? What’s the point of the PvP in WoW? nothing but gear gratification, and that’s self gratification AND it causes guild mates to fight over little pieces of purple armor or their Daddy guild master has to hand them out to those that spend 50 hours a week with the guild 1st and then it trickles down from there… LAME again… It was fun for a while, but when people start to get upset at a druid for rolling on a staff that a couple classes can use, I say F* the game as it’s not worth the drama. WAR prevents loot whoring and thus makes it a better team (family) experience for all.

  5. There was a lot of Drama in WoW, i do have to admit your correct there.

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