WoW versus WAR

This thought just popped in my mind. I was in this war of video games before. It was an Arcade in the late 80’s. Side by side were two games.

Super Street Fighter 2- which is like WoW. Cartoony, yet fun to play. I loved it when I did a “Haiyouken”

Next to that was Mortal Kombat- which to me reminds me of WAR. More realistic, more brutal and more to the point. You just get into this killing mode when you hear Scorpion go ” GET OVER HERE!”

Both games were very satisfying, and fun to play. I loved to play both games too, but it usally depended on who’s playing with me. Paying 30 bucks is way cheaper then all the quarters i dumped in those two games combined.

I would also like to send out a big Hola to my spanish readers at Warhammer Latino.  Gracias for reading my blog.


One Response to “WoW versus WAR”

  1. I here ya. I think MMO gamers think they must hate the old to love the new. I am guilty for taking potshots on MMOs I find myself leaving. In reality I only have the money and time for one MMO at a time. I think ragging on the outgoing game makes one feel they are investing well.
    WoW is a great game and do miss my Orc Warlock from time to time. I do like having the options of going to a different game if the “new” does not work out.

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