I have to try some things.

My buddy Sans a person who bring altiholicism to a new level from my guild gave me a bunch of tips. I will post them after I test them. These tips sound awesome though, instead of just the mundane one vs one, grinding, these tips have me pulling 4-5 mobs, and whacking them down.  One of the tips is to make more use out of Thorns potions. So I’ll be working on that this week, hopefull relieve the grind. Thanks Sans.

I do want to share with you a cool site,


This site shows you some cool stats for your server, and a bunch of other data. Don’t know how correct it is, but it could be a useful tool to point you in a direction.

I would like to also like to welcome Jakkel an ex-chosen to Order side of Averheim. I hope to see him real soon, say hi to him, then take my sword and jam it down his throat, in a friendly neighborly way of course.


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