Chosen PvE Grinding

Sans of my guild Einherjar is a master toon leveler. I have known Sans for quite some time now via gaming. He simply knows his stuff. He’s one of the few people I actually listen to, and I respect him immensely. He is also a staunch guildie, he literally will give you the shirt of his back, and I think he did in WoW. So when he gave me some tips, I didn’t go. “Well thats nice.” and go my merry way. I tried it, and I’m so glad i did. I am going to repost what he told me, because really I could rewrite it in my own words, but it doesn’t do it justice.    

Sans said……

“I saw your blog note grumbling about solo PvE as a Chosen and I thought I’d respond to it here.

I’m not sure if you’ve tried these tactics or not, but they have revitalized the game for me on my Chosen. The key tactics are all gotten by 23, though the 3rd slot at 30 makes things easier. At 29-30, you also get access to +MoraleRegen items which lets you use Raze on a consistent basis.

At 23, pick Backlash and Warped Flesh for your tactics and Raze for your Morale2 ability (I use Inevitable Changing (lvl28) for Morale1 for the AP refill that is sometimes handy).

Turn on Dreadful Agony and leave it on. Twisting does help, but I’m lazy and seldom do it. *So am I, my good man…so am I*

Drink a thorns potions if you have them (easy to make, just farm dryad mobs and scavenge them for the component) *This is were my apothecary fricking starts to pay off*

Go round up 5-10+ mobs (depending on level) then let them beat themselves to death on you. If you have a healer or two, you can pull 15-20+ with this method (Horb and I routinely do PQs doing this and it is great fun trying to (and often succeeding) kill ourselves off with massive pulls)

Building up to Morale2 to use Raze takes awhile if you have no MoraleRegen items, but you can pull a single mob and ravage it to death while you build up Morale. Then with high Morale do your huge pull so you can use Raze early in the fight which will do 30+% damage to every mob.

At 25, you get Suppression for the +parry bonus. At 30, you get another tactic slot which lets you use Chaotic Advantage for 75APs every time you parry an attack. With this, I practically never run out of APs since you continuously parry attacks with so many mobs beating on you.

The size of the pull depends on the level of the mobs and if they have ‘specials’ or not. If the mobs have ‘heavy strike’ or similar and are several levels above me, I will typically only pull 4 or so. If they are basic mobs of my level, I can pull 10+ easily.

For more efficiency, tab-target through the mobs and keep seeping wound up on as many as possible (personally, I’m lazy and don’t do this, though I usually pull mobs with seeping wound as I run around and round them up).

Warning: Boring math part ahead.

I downloaded the CombatLog mod and used it to track my DPS. On a typical single-mob fight, I’d barely break 100dps, typically averaging around 120-140DPS or so (my strength is crappy since I’m specced almost entirely for armor/toughness/wounds).

Using this AE farming method, my DPS will jump to 300-400+, with a high in the mid 600s on a particularly large pull.

Dreadful agony is only 18DPS, but that is per mob.

Backlash has a 25% chance of doing 24DPS, which translates to 6DPS, also per mob.

Thorn potions do 30 damage every time they hit you (every 2s or so) so that is 15DPS per mob as well.

With just Aura+Backlash, you are doing 24DPS per mob beating on you, so pulling 5 will literally double your DPS. Pulling 10 triples your DPS.

With the thorn potion, it becomes even more sick.

Warped Flesh will be processing constantly which keeps you alive long enough to kill all the mobs.

The first mob will take the longest to die, but the rest of the horde will be down to 50% or so by the time it dies. By the time the second mob dies, the rest will be down to ~25% and you should have enough Morale to use Raze to finish off the entire pack or close to it.

Yes, I do die sometimes doing this, though it is usually to respawns when I’m not being careful. If you overpull, you typically know it soon enough to run away and reset or quaff a HoT potion to tide you over if you think you can handle it.

This is definitely a lot more fun than (slowly) killing things one at a time and you can challenge yourself to try larger and larger pulls. It is ideal for farming Influence in the 1st stage of PQs, but is great for kill quests as well (need 10 wolf ears? Round up 10 wolves and kill them all at once!)

Hope this helps! ”



It certainly did help, I did what he said last night, on mobs equal to my level, I was wiping out 6-10 of them each pull. I think I ran into trouble once on respawns, and had to take a healing potion.  Dear lord it was some fun, and made things interesting again. I can’t wait until tonight to get on, and wrack up some more kills.

Thank you Sans again.

Oh wait who’s Horb you might ask, another guildie. Great guy, but after playing games with him for over a half a decade still doesn’t get my name right…It’s not Rib!

What a douchebag, I mean that in the best possible way.


4 Responses to “Chosen PvE Grinding”

  1. Thelonster Says:

    “Bah nothing new, doing this with Chosen for some time.

    Why don’t you just STFU instead of being a fucking asshole?

  2. Hey Welcome to 3 months ago. Must be a Knight of a Feathered Douchebag that is still angry he is useless now that On Your Guard was nerfed. Hey time to learn you class now. LOL!

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