Morale Generation Armor for the Chosen.

One thing Sans mention was Morale Generation gear in the post yesterday. I also wanted to say, be careful with these methods, no your limits, levels, and special attacks of the mobs. Also like to add, Sans, and me are not responsible for any deaths if you pull crazy style…like we tend to do.

So I decided to look to see whats out there. Not much it looks like for level 20-30, it ramps up for 31-40 a little, 30-40 morale gear you can find here.

Heres a nice chest piece you can get on a PQ. Chpt 10 in Black Fire Pass, good for a level 24

Another piece is a set of shoulders, that are a drop for a level 29.

These are rare items, there’s an epic set of boots that drop of a mob for a level 25.


One Response to “Morale Generation Armor for the Chosen.”

  1. These guildies you speak of frighten me!

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