A Unsettling Trend.

Over the weekend, I was rocking what I will call the Sans Method of pulling mobs. Reminded me of the old days of DAOC when I would be in Avalon City, and my crazy guildies would pull tons of mobs, and I being the cleric would have to heal through it.

As I did the T3 scenarios though.  It seemed in almost every other scenario there was no Destruction, and a crapload of Order. Is Destro outnumbered in T3? I didn’t think so. But it is close, out of all the Tiers T3 is closest to an even population on Averheim. But where’s the Destruction people in these scenarios?  Hopefully they were Open RvRing somewhere. I heard there was problems with the matching software of scenarios. I don’t really know. But when you have 20 Order, and 4 Destruction there’s some sort of problem.

A fellow guildie asked me when will I get to T4, as fast as I fricking can I wanted to tell him.


2 Responses to “A Unsettling Trend.”

  1. Heya Rivs,

    t2 scenarios have been popping really well in the last few days so maybe there are some destruction coming up the ranks. I have noticed that in the t2 scenarios that Destruction either has 4 healers or 1 to none.

    It may be getting a bit worse for you in the next few days. My guild HOSS is in t3 with a few of use leaving t2 in the next couple of days. I think our guild is level 20 with 150+ members. We have been running roughly 4 scenario groups per tier.

    I switched to an Ironbreaker named Tharrin level 19 so far. I have to say I am enjoying it more than the chosen.

    Hope to see you on the battlefield,


  2. I look forward to it. So your in HOSS, my guildie was talking about you guys. You seem to be everywhere lol. I can’t wait to boot you into the Lava LOL!

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