Heritor of War – Tome Unlock

Well after grinding out Scenarios, and Mobs I finally turn 27. I know I’m a slowpoke. So it’s time I head to Highpass. I’m doing a bit of exploring, and I am loathe to admit. I got lost. In the midst of being lost I came across a body laying in the middle of nowhere. I click on it. I get a new title..”Heritor of War” Pretty cool.

So my stupidity is your gain, go grab your title.

Coords: 38298, 40858

Zone: High Pass

What: Empire Runner Corpse

I thought it sounded different. In case you didn’t know Heritor means “one who will inherit”, cause I sure didn’t. 🙂

Welp back to the grind.


2 Responses to “Heritor of War – Tome Unlock”

  1. High Pass. Body. Empire Corpse. Got it!

  2. […] General MMO : Titles-The Drunkard, The Trendy, and Of the Undercity. Titles are a really likable feature from the Noobish Jenkins, to the Awesome Heritors of War. […]

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