Make friends with a Sorceress

The AOE they do makes life so much easier for a little old Chosen. I grouped up with a Zealot, and a Witch Elf last night to do PQ13 at Tempest Horn. It was rough going, then came a couple Sorcereresss or is it Sorceri, who knows. We rocked out that PQ in no time. It was sick.

The huge Bloodthirster of Khorne scare the crap out of me first time he popped up at the end of the quest.  Also a couple things I’m upset with is that alot of the gear I’ve been getting is all Strength, and no Wounds/Toughness which I prefer.

Also I wanted to link this, I thought it was funny. 25 Annoying Things About Non Gamers.


3 Responses to “Make friends with a Sorceress”

  1. I hate sorcs and their purple lake of death. The display bug where it doesn’t disappear makes it even worse 🙂

  2. Yeah you would think they would fix that.

  3. It works both ways–thanks for taking the beating that we cannot.

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