Lets get it on!!!

Well today Wrath of the Lich King comes out, and even though I will be getting it. I will not leave WAR. I said this before so I won’t rehash my thoughts.

What I am worried about, WAR is an PvP/RvR game, to do that you need people to fight. Without people to fight, what fun is it?

I’ll tell you something I had the most fun in DAOC when it wasn’t zerg fests, just a core group of people out in the frontiers working on taking objectives, and having some fun. Sometimes you died, sometimes you won, but it was more fun, controllable.

Right now in T3 at least it’s all about who can zerg better. I don’t really like that too much.

Is WAR so bad that it drove me back to WoW. No. I spend 4 years of my life in WoW, another chapter has come out. I have to see it to the end I believe. See how it plays out.

Like I said I’ll be sticking with WAR, but I’m worried that it might be a ghost town for awhile.


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