6 things right with WAR

Since I had my wisdom teeth out yesterday, I didn’t play too much. Just a couple of scenarios, and tried to Open RvR a tosh, but alas I crashed early. Vicodin is a lovely drug by the way, maybe I am feeling it’s effects still. In the face of Wrath coming out. I thought I would say a few good words about WAR.

Why 6? Cause everyone does 5, or 10. As for me, I’m a little different.

6 Things Right with WAR

6. Alot of abilities for each class, including tactic, and morale that gives your toon choices. On my frost mage in WoW I would just spam Frostbolt. Here in WAR, there seems like there’s 8 million things to do , to get the job done. Having choices is a good thing.

5. The Quest tracker – Having the little red circles on my map telling me where quest obj. are located makes my life easier, plus with coords. on the map to boot.

4. Instant Flights between zones – It’s a minor thing, but if you ever spent 15 minutes on a back of a griffon in World of Warcraft, ya know why I like this. 

3. Guild System – I like their idea of a guild that grows, gives you a sense of pride, and accomplishment.

2.  TItles – Yea their fluff, but pretty cool fluff. I feel so pretty when I am called “The Fashionable”

1. RvR – Siege Weapons, Keeps, Massive armies battling it out. I love it, even when it’s bad, and it sucks theres some good in it. 

Just some of things I like about WAR, there’s a few more things I really like but I wanted to toss those up there so you can see that WAR is worth playing, and it still has some awesome things going on.


One Response to “6 things right with WAR”

  1. I would add:

    1. Universal class trainers in every town. (No more flying my druid back to SW or Darn just to learn the next level of nature’s wraith). Which leads to:

    2. Spells automatically level — you only train for new spells.

    3. No durability on items.

    4. No skill level on weapon use. (no more getting a high level weapon and then spending 2 hours hitting low level mobs so you can use it).

    5. Many quests that can be completed at the quest site. Less running back and forth to town.

    6. Open parties. This leads to frequent party invites at quest sites.

    7. BGs that can be entered from anywhere. Again less flying back to the city is a good thing.

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