Doom and Gloom

I’ve been seeing alot of Doom and Gloom, alot of places. There is some sort of malaise that has fallen over the community, even my own guild. Alot are playing alts, not around, etc.etc. It’s hard to stay positive when some of the people you admire most in the game, and the blogosphere are complaining, or even throwing in the towel.

Even though I am playing both, WoW, and WAR. I really do like WAR.  I could list a bunch of improvements, but I think like all things it will be hammered out. I just hope sooner rather then later.  I also hope alot of players aren’t pinning there hopes on patch 1.1, and if it doesn’t deliver there will be an uprising I’m sure.

WAR has an uphill battle, I’m willing to slug it out. I have a firm believe what will happen is the game will go on to be successful, and there will be a tight, competitive community.

That’s when WAR Trials of Atlantis will come out, destroy everything.


3 Responses to “Doom and Gloom”

  1. I have to say I agree. It’s getting a bit disheartening to see so many people canceling their subs, but I’m really enjoying the game.

  2. All I say is … so long don’t let the door hi ya in the butt. Then I remove them from my RSS reader. No room for whiners.
    I’d bet they go back to WoW, LOTRO and in two months they start posting same stuff on those games.

  3. The Shroud of Malaise has fallen. Begun the wait for the “next big thing” has. On second thought, fuck that, I’m going to go fly a kite

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