It’s like pulling teeth.

So last week I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and let me tell you it was more enjoyable then the T3 scenarios I ran last night. I ran about 6 of them, all of them pretty bad. Black Fire Basin is my new worst enemy, I hate the turtling Order in that. So I decided just to queue up for Reikland, and Tor Anroc. Of course Reikland didn’t pop, and all I got is Tor. Which is ok, I ran about 4 of those, all pretty bad. The worse one was with 6 Bright Wizards, no healers on order and Destro still lost, pretty badly.

I was ready to toss my monitor out the window I was so peeved.  

Are Bright Wizards that overpowered? Is Destro that crappy? I don’t want to point fingers I hate pointing fingers, and playing the blame game. I don’t mind losing, I hate though when a score is 500-25 with Order winning. I just want to be able to compete.

I hope T4 is better. The grind continues.


3 Responses to “It’s like pulling teeth.”

  1. Sadly, it isn’t :/ Wait till you see six BW in one Serpent’s Passage and most of them with 200k+ damage. You spend most of your time stuck at your camp being nuked to pieces. Then, when the score is 450 to 10 they hold onto the last turn in to farm you for five or ten minutes.

  2. 6 Sorcs do the same to us on the other side. 6 Zealots are also no fun. Too much of anything is bad.

  3. Aye, how you feel about BW is very much how we feel about Sorcerers. Mostly I’d like both of ’em to not be able to AOE through the floor any more.

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