Reikland, and the upcoming Chosen Changes.

I love the new scenario, everytime it popped it was such good fun. It was like a new version of Nordenwatch, which I enjoyed immensely. I think they should keep this scenario. It’s so good, and lots of fun. That can get rid of that Black Fire Basin crap if they want to get rid of a scenario.

I want to post the upcoming changes to Chosen, so that you my fellow brethren can take a gander.

  • All Chosen have undergone significant changes and will need to reallocate their career mastery points as a result. Be sure to speak to your trainer right away to regain your abilities!
  • Suppression: The parry buff from this ability should no longer stack with itself.
  • Mixed Defenses: The tooltip for this ability should now display proper values.
  • Juggernaut: This ability is now available at rank 12.
  • Guard: This ability should no longer attempt to work on players outside of your group.
  • Seeping Wound: The amount that stats contribute to the damage of this ability has been slightly increased to make it consistent with other damage over time abilities.

I’m not to happy about the changes of Guard, why? Whats wrong with protecting people outside your group like say in public PQs.

Being a Way of Discord Chosen, I’m pleased about Seeping wound…very pleased.


4 Responses to “Reikland, and the upcoming Chosen Changes.”

  1. I just wonder about Guard and the way the change is worded. The change note says, “Guard: This ability should no longer [b]attempt[/b] to work on players outside of your group.”

    The word that intrigues me is “attempt”. Does that mean that currently you can use Guard on a non-group member and it just won’t work? Or is it as you say and you can currently guard people outside of your group and you won’t be able to in the future.

  2. Rkik:
    Currently, guard applies itself to the other player, but does not ACTUALLY do anything. After a few seconds, it drops off. Also, it MAY be sucking up a global. Haven’t tested it.

    So, its not a nerf as far as I know, its simply a change so you dont waste time/fool yourself if someone you try to gaurd isnt in your group.

    ❤ the blog River

  3. Thanks Rkik, as you can see big fan of yours too. WTH I’m gonna do while your away LOL!

  4. I think what I like about the Factory is that it has no open spaces for mass nuking and zerging to occur. I love that the battle field is relativly small and full of obstacles, places to hide and such. After the open zerg fests of Tor Anroc and a Serpants Passage, watching the BWs not top the damage charts by 100k+ damage is beautiful.

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