A whole lot of nothing.

Friday, I had some time before I go out drinking, so I thought I would take a look at a new instance in WoW. Utgarde Keep. I liked it. Short and Sweet. Heck in 2 hours I ran Utgarde, and Nexus twice.  Being a frost mage, with a pally tank leading the charge, we AOE’d the crap out of that place. I got my mage to 71.

Due to my heavy social drinking schedule not a heck of lot with gaming the rest of the weekend.

Last night I did take some time to level my DK to 60. I’m not much of an ALT guy, but he’s way to uber to ignore, plus he’s unholy spec and I like my ghoul pet. He’s makes me laugh.

I head into WAR tonight, and try to get my Chosen up to realm rank 29.

I’m looking forward to this holiday weekend to get a little extra gaming time. The goal is to get all my toons a couple more levels.

Grind on!!!


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